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Генератор Bosh 0124415014 на Renault

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Артикул: 0124415014
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МаркаМодельВерсияГодДвигательДоп информация
DACIA Logan I 1.4 LS 2004- 1390ccm K7J710 714 98AMP
DACIA Logan I 1.4 FS US 2009- 1390ccm K7J710 98AMP
DACIA Logan I 1.6 LS 2004- 1598ccm K7M… 98AMP
DACIA Logan I MCV 1.4   2007- 1390ccm K7J710 98AMP
DACIA Logan I MCV 1.4 KS 2007- 1390ccm K7J710 98AMP
DACIA Logan I MCV 1.6 KS 2007- 1598ccm K7M… 98AMP
DACIA Sandero I 1.4   2008- 1390ccm K7J710 98AMP
DACIA Sandero I 1.4 MPI   2009-2010 1390ccm K7J710 98AMP
DACIA Sandero I 1.6   2008-2010 1598ccm K7M… 98AMP
NISSAN Kubistar 1.6 X76 X80 2003-2009 1598ccm K4M752 98AMP
RENAULT Clio II 1.4 16V BB CB 1999-2007 1390ccm K4J 98AMP
RENAULT Clio II 1.6 16V BB CB 1998-2009 1598ccm K4M… AC
RENAULT Espace III 2.0 16V JE 1998-2002 1998ccm F4R… AC
RENAULT Kangoo I 1.6 KC 1999-2001 1598ccm K7M… 98AMP
RENAULT Kangoo I 1.6 16V FC KC 2001-2008 1598ccm K4M… AC
RENAULT Kangoo I 1.6 16V 4x4 FC KC 2000-2008 1598ccm K4M… AC
RENAULT Laguna I 1.6 16V B56 K56 1998-2001 1598ccm K4M… 98AMP
RENAULT Laguna I 1.8 16V B56 K56 1998-2001 1783ccm F4P AC
RENAULT Laguna I 2.0 16V B56 K56 1999-2001 1998ccm F4R… 98AMP
RENAULT Laguna II 1.6 BG KG 2001-2007 1598ccm K4M… 98AMP
RENAULT Laguna II 2.0 IDE BG KG 2001-2007 1998ccm F5R 98AMP
RENAULT Logan 1.6 LS 2007- 1598ccm K7M… 98AMP
RENAULT Megane Classic 1.6 LA1C 2000-2000 1598ccm K7M704  
RENAULT Megane Classic 2.0 LA1D/LA1L/LA2A 1999-2003 1998ccm F4R740/F4R741/F4R746/F4R747  
RENAULT Megane I 1.4 BA DA KA LA 1999-2002 1390ccm E7J AC
RENAULT Megane I 1.4 16V BA DA KA LA 1998-2002 1390ccm K4J714 K4J750 AC
RENAULT Megane I 1.6 16V BA DA KA LA 1998-2002 1598ccm K4M… 98AMP
RENAULT Megane I 1.8 16V BA DA 1999-2002 1783ccm F4P AC
RENAULT Megane I 2.0 BA DA EA KA LA 1999-2002 1998ccm F3R AC
RENAULT Megane I 2.0 16V BA DA 1999-2002 1998ccm F5R AC
RENAULT Megane I Classic 2.0 RT LA 2001-2003 1998ccm F4R F5R 98AMP
RENAULT Sandero Stepway I 1.4   2009- 1390ccm K7J710 98AMP
RENAULT Sandero Stepway I 1.6   2010- 1598ccm K7M… 98AMP
RENAULT Sandero Stepway I 1.6   2009- 1598ccm K7M710 98AMP
RENAULT Scénic I 1.4 16V JA 1998-2003 1390ccm K4J 98AMP
RENAULT Scénic I 2.0 16V JA 1999-2003 1998ccm F4R740 F4R741 98AMP
RENAULT Scénic I 2.0 16V 4x4 JA 1999- 1998ccm F4R740 F4R741 98AMP
RENAULT Thalia I 1.4 16V LB0 1 2 2001-2007 1390ccm K4J 98AMP
RENAULT Thalia I 1.6 LB 1998- 1598ccm K7M… 98AMP


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